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Holistic medicine is based on the belief that the body is designed to heal itself. Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC, applies this approach to both conventional and holistic root canals. The practice, located in Midtown Manhattan New York City, makes the most natural treatment methods possible available to patients who prefer to opt out of traditional root canals. In fact, patients can have just as much success with a holistic root canal as with the traditional method.

Holistic Root Canal Q & A

Why would I consider a holistic root canal?

Holistic root canals involve using different materials that are “more biocompatible” for the patient. Usually this procedure is done for people who have multiple allergies or sensitivities to materials conventionally used in traditional root canal treatments. The team at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC can discuss whether or not this option is necessary on a patient-by-patient basis.

How many appointments will I need?

Just like with a conventional root canal, the doctors at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC will take as many appointments as they needs to get a perfect result. Sometimes, they place a natural paste made with calcium hydroxide in your tooth. This product has a basic ph, kills bacteria, and causes bone deposition (all the things you need for a successful root canal). This may require one extra visit than usual, but sometimes it may not.

The wait time for the paste to do its job can take about three weeks. Most of the time, the doctors at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC will leave the paste alone until your tooth is 100% recovered. Only then do they move on to the rest of the root canal procedure.