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Steven D. Kaplan, DMD

Endodontist located in New York, NY

40 total reviews

Steven D. Kaplan, DMD always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 40 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Steven D. Kaplan, DMD below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Dean C.
Submitted 09/18/20
Dr. Kaplan is a good man and a superb endodontist. He's meticulous, takes great pride in his work, and has the most modern equipment. I have absolutely no reservations recommending him.
Gorman R.
Submitted 09/18/20
Doctor Kaplan truly deserves his 5 star rating as Top Endodontist. He is competent, patient, thorough, well informed and up to date - with a comforting and engaging manner, to boot.
Laurence M.
Submitted 06/28/20
Dr. Kaplan’s office was very accommodating and helpful to my situation. They were able to resolve my needs professionally and the services Dr. Tran provided were meticulous, she made sure the procedures were done properly, to maintain the health of my teeth.
David B.
Submitted 02/25/20
Very professional. courtious and accommodating
Tara B.
Submitted 02/07/20
I was referred by my dentist to have a root canal re-treatment done by Dr. Tran. She was terrific. She was thorough in assessing what needed to be done, and she helped me to understand what was going on with my tooth as well as to feel comfortable with the procedure. She made sure I understood my aftercare instructions and was very accessible by text in case I had questions. I wish that my insurance covered more of the cost, as it's a pretty expensive procedure for me, but I highly recommend Dr. Tran as being worth every penny.
Faina R.
Submitted 01/17/20
I consider myself extremely lucky that I met Dr. Kaplan, whom I found when searching Google for the best endodontist in Manhattan. Fortunately I was able to have a consultation within a few days from my first call. For me it was an emergency - I had problems with my upper wisdom tooth. My dentist told me that the tooth has to be extracted and nobody will do a root canal on it. And just like my dentist Dr. Kaplan asked me why do I want to save this useless tooth. But extraction wasn’t an option for me and I was determined to keep my tooth if it was still possible. From my previous experience with a wisdom tooth extraction I knew that I might be incapacitated for a couple of days after the procedure is done. But I’m a Professor teaching at two universities and it was the second half of December, the end of the Fall semester; I still had to give a couple of lectures, then final exams with subsequent grading and calculating the course grades for about 50 students. From my first visit Dr. Kaplan impressed me as a very skillful and thorough specialist; his staff is very pleasant and professional. The evaluation of the condition of my tooth and the consultation lasted about an hour or more. My three subsequent visits, when the root canals were treated and filled, were painless during the procedures and after. I didn’t have to use any painkillers or antibiotics. It was like a miracle that after leaving the dental office I wasn’t numb for an extended period of time and had no pain or discomfort after the anesthesia wore out. Moreover, Dr. Kaplan gave me the number of his cellphone to call him in case of an emergency, and called me in the evening to find how I was doing. Needless to say should I have to do another root canal I’ll see Dr. Kaplan.
Jeffrey S.
Submitted 11/20/19
From a retired med mal attorney: Dr. Kaplan is the best! expert in his specialty; great guy as well. I have already recommended him to my son as well as many others.
Mary S.
Submitted 11/06/19
Dr. Kaplan and his office team were amazing. They understood that pain was a priority and got me in the same day. Dr. Kaplan was reassuring and his caring, competent demeanor helped me relax through out the root canal process. I would highly recommend him!
"The Genie" Kabral S.
Submitted 10/04/19
Dr. Kaplan is absolutely phenomenal. I was so concerned about having a root canal and the pain that I would feel with the procedure. Dr. Kaplan is simply a genius. I did not feel an ounce of discomfort. The whole process was smooth, relaxing, and even enjoyable at points. I never would have thought such a big procedure could be so simple and comforting. Dr. Kaplan is truly a master at his craft, and he has an extraordinary team. They are all warm, kind, and professional. If you have to have a root canal done, he is definitely the doctor to go to. I am going to recommend him to all of my clients and anyone who needs to have this done. Thanks so much. -"The Genie" Kabral Sharpe
M Z.
Submitted 09/20/19
Dr Kaplan is gracious, caring, and generous with his time. He is as accommodating as is humanly possible in an emergency situation, or even without an emergency but simply time constraints for the patient. He has always been there for me, and has done everything in his power to try and take my needs and concerns into consideration. His staff is really nice, kind, helpful and present! The whole team works well together - I hope he never retires!!! THANK YOU DR KAPLAN.
Wendy C.
Submitted 07/31/19
Aside from the excellent work Dr. Kaplan does, he is the best diagnostician! Finding the problem accurately is often the hardest part of any procedure and Dr. Kaplan's experience, intelligence and procedures succeed where others fail. He is the best.
Camille D.
Submitted 07/30/19
As many, I was anxious about having this door canal procedure, especially since I was told there was an infection in this tooth. Meeting Dr. Kaplan and his office assistants, I felt comfortable and knew I was in the right hands. Dr. Kaplan's office is bright and spotless, with the newest and advanced technology. As he worked on my root canal, he was gentle and precise, explaining most steps along the way. I was told there wouldn't be any pain, but if there was, he immediately would take care of it. Dr. Kaplan was assisted by a male nurse, who also set an environment of calmness and skill. It is important to mention that I had to see Dr. Kaplan three times, and never had to wait for more than a few minutes. I am writing this review because I would like other people to share the same experience.
Richard R.
Submitted 06/25/19
Dr Kaplan performed a root canal on Christmas eve with care and attention late into the evening. The root was complex and the work was excellent. I had a great experience and would recommend him. I would not wait til Christmas eve to address tooth pain though.
Michael S.
Submitted 06/12/19
Dr Kaplan is a fantastic root canal specialist. If just the mention of ‘root canal’ conjures up fear or apprehension , Dr Kaplan is your guy. Even for the most difficult root canal or for teeth that other dentists have had trouble numbing, he is painless and efficient.
Marcy P.
Submitted 05/30/19
My last visit to Dr. Kaplan was my third visit to his practice. This says a great deal about my level of trust in him with regard to the quality and integrity of his care as well as his concern for my comfort during the procedure. Like most of us, I don't tolerate pain well and am so very grateful to him for never exposing me to any level of discomfort. He and his staff operate a practice with a focus on providing excellent oral health care as well as patient comfort during the procedure. And, as in any difficult situation, his gentle humor provides great relief to the patient in the chair. He has recently moved his offices to another floor in the same building and his space is wonderful. Bright, happy yet serene. Upon entering, you know that your experience with Dr. Kaplan is going to be a positive one!
Jennifer G.
Submitted 05/16/19
Anyone who fears getting a root canal has clearly never met Dr. Kaplan. Last summer, I developed swelling over the upper teeth, and after trying to reach five or six other recommended endodontists endorsed by my dentist or a personal friend’s office—also a dentist—I landed in the exam chair of Dr. Kaplan at 10 am the next morning. I could not have been in better hands. After an exam and full 180-degree x-ray, he sat down with the results to discuss exactly what needed to be done. Within an hour, the job was done, the pain reduced and the follow up appointment scheduled. Now, a few follow-ups later, I’ve been given a clean bill of health and already mentioned his name to other friends. A true expert. I highly recommend him.
Submitted 03/20/19
I have had Dr. Kaplan take care of two of my root canals over the past 6 years. The first one done by him six years ago was one that was a failed and difficult root canal done by three other endodontists across three continents (including one who charged me $3,500 when I had no insurance in Manhattan.) Dr. Kaplan took the time to do it right and he agreed that it had been a difficult one. It has not given me trouble ever since Dr. Kaplan took care of it. He also worked with my insurance company to make sure that I did not have to go out of pocket for the fourth time for the same tooth. The most recent one was started by him in early February 2019. My tooth had been giving me trouble and my dentist and I thought the trouble was with one of my teeth since Nov. last year. When the pain persisted, my dentist sent me to Dr. Kaplan for an evaluation. Dr. Kaplan meticulously checked and rechecked (with extreme heat and cold) and he figured that the tooth that was being treated was actually not the problem, but it was the tooth adjacent to the tooth we thought was the trouble. It was difficult to figure anything was wrong from the x-rays and other symptoms were also not clear (reaction to heat but not to cold,) but the pain had been recurring and persisting since Nov. 2018. After identifying the problem tooth over two visits, Dr. Kaplan did the root canal in mid-Feb. 2019. It is amazing to me how he is never in a hurry and takes steps to make sure that if there is a chance that one can save a tooth, he will advise you properly. I trust Dr. Kaplan with my teeth and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to see an endodontist. He is patient, flexible and one can see the rapport he shares with his staff. He is great at follow-up and personally called me after both my root canals to check on me and also gave me his mobile number in case I needed to reach him after office hours. Having seen three other endodontists, I know a good endodontist when I see one. Dr. Steven Kaplan is a gold nugget and I would not use any other endodontist other than him while he continues to practice. Thank you! Dr. Kaplan for working on my teeth.
Henry B.
Submitted 02/27/19
Read my review if you want to read that one review that helps you decide who to choose..He deserves every star from every review. (Im writing this review 8 hours after my root canal). Let me start by providing some brief context. My tooth has had a root canal (5 years ago but obviously a failed one), and 3 fillings in my lifetime, since i was 10 to my current ripe 33 years. My canals were calcified, i had had random jaw pain, swelling of my gums on the side of the affected tooth, and swelling of my preauricular lymph gland. Needless to say the tooth was also pretty infected. Before knowing all of this, i left a message on the phone number provided to book an apt online. Dr Kaplan called me himself at 9pm on a Saturday. Just that should be enough to differentiate him. I couldnt see him right away as i was traveling to San Francisco, but he listened to the history of the tooth, offered his thoughts, and said he would recommend someone in SF if needed. He kept in touch with me and when i got back offered me an appointment on a day he normally would not see patients (i wasn't aware of that until his assistant mentioned it during the procedure). My procedure started at 11am and finished at 3:30pm, Dr Kaplan is committed to getting the job done as good as possible, and as long as you are comfortable to be there. I'm incredibly grateful and blown away for that kind of care and attention. Dr Kaplan and his assistant make you feel very comfortable, I found myself laughing as if with my close friends. (SIDENOTE - who the hell gets the giggles when you're in a chair of anyone working on your teeth?!) He took his time so he could do the best job, as my canals were calcified and needed discovery. So i got scanned, and using incredible software he was able to calculate where to find my original canal passages and thus medicate/treat the infection. He called to follow up at 10pm tonight (he had asked when would be a good time to check in before i normally go to bed). Obviously, i don't know if my tooth will be salvaged yet, as it takes time for the medication to work etc, however i was so blown away by the whole experience with him that i had to write a review in the case someone was deciding, like i was, whether to go to someone without insurance or wait for insurance. Dr Kaplan is a rarity among medical professionals. When you read statements describing Doctors and their 'attention to detail' or 'level of care' in my experience 80% is BS, 19% they somewhat care, and then 1% would be Dr Kaplan. There it is, so don't over think this one. Thanks again for looking after me Dr Kaplan!
Mark P.
Submitted 01/21/19
Dr. Kaplan is very fast, answers all your questions, explains everything
Sazi T.
Submitted 12/31/18
Dr. Steven Kaplan is the best endodontist, I have ever been to. He accepted me when no other dentist wanted to do anything for an emergency situation on a Thanksgiving day, late afternoon.. He worked gently and patiently all the time until the problem is fixed even it was late - no pain, no discomfort, no blood. He has great staff, and nice environment. Because of Dr. Kaplan I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone who needs an endotonist without hesitation.