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No parent wants their children to go through root canal treatment. But, when it’s best for their oral health, make sure they’re in caring hands. At Steven D. Kaplan, DMD, in New York City, Dr. Kaplan and his associates specialize in pediatric root canals. In fact, all of his associates have the same exact philosophy as Dr. Kaplan, and their skill and bedside manner is immaculate, too. By using the most gentle approach and techniques, your child’s root canal will be as painless and successful as possible.

Pediatric Root Canal Q & A

Are root canals only done on permanent teeth?

Pediatric root canals can be done on both temporary baby teeth, as well as permanent teeth. Every effort should be made to save a child’s baby teeth until they’re ready to fall out on their own.

It’s important for baby teeth to stay in place for as long as possible to allow for proper underlying tooth, jaw, and bone formation. Once a baby tooth is pulled, if it’s really needed, the permanent tooth might grow in misaligned or feeble. This can negatively impact your child’s oral health, ability to speak, and may impact their smile and confidence.

At what point would my child need a pediatric root canal?

Sometimes a baby tooth should be extracted, and sometimes it should be saved. Dr. Kaplan will tell you which procedure is most appropriate.

Dr. Kaplan and his caring staff might perform a pediatric root canal if the tooth pulp is damaged. They may also recommend the procedure if the surrounding gums are infected, causing swelling, and possibly severe pain.

Very often, the cause of pain or swelling is an abscessed tooth. This can result in a deep infection that can spread to the surrounding jawbone. It can even affect the permanent tooth that hasn’t yet erupted into the mouth.

How are pediatric root canals done?

Often, there are various differences between adult and pediatric root canals. These can be discussed at the time of your child’s treatment. When dealing with pediatric patients, the endodontist must have special training. It’s also crucial for the endodontist to exhibit great patience and bedside manner.

The comfort of his patients is foremost in Dr. Kaplan’s mind, especially if that patient is your child. The staff and his many other patients can attest to his friendly, relaxed office manner, and he strives to make sure that you and your child are comfortable before starting any procedure. Furthermore, to Dr. Kaplan, there’s no such thing as an unnecessary question. If you have any doubts at all, please ask him!

There are some differences between a pediatric root canal and an adult root canal treatment. Very often, for example, a pediatric root canal is done in one visit and the materials being used for the procedure are slightly different. You can learn more about these differences by speaking with Dr. Kaplan in his office.