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A cracked tooth often leads to tooth pain and sensitivity and can increase your risk of infection. At Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC, the doctors provide comprehensive treatment for cracked teeth. Don’t wait to seek treatment for a cracked tooth. Call the office located in Midtown Manhattan New York City today, or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Cracked Tooth Q & A

What is a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth occurs when part of your tooth breaks off. Cracked teeth range in severity from mild chips to severe fractures. Some cracks are painless and cause no symptoms, while others cause significant discomfort. Most fractures occur in the front teeth or bottom molars, but they can affect any tooth in your mouth.

A cracked tooth increases your risk of decay, infection, and sensitivity. Prompt treatment is essential to prevent complications.

How does a cracked tooth happen?

Injury is the most common cause of a cracked tooth, but certain factors can make your teeth more vulnerable to damage. Common causes of cracked teeth include:

Accident and injury

Sports injuries, car accidents, and trauma to your face can crack a tooth. If you fracture a tooth, try to find the missing fragment and bring it to your appointment at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC.

Root canal therapy

A root canal can weaken your tooth, increasing its vulnerability to fractures. To protect your tooth against cracks, the doctors may recommend placing a dental crown after a root canal.

Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene leads to plaque buildup, which erodes your tooth enamel. Small cracks can form in your teeth, leading to deep fractures.

Large fillings

If you have a large filling to treat a cavity, your tooth may be vulnerable to damage and decay. Protecting your tooth with a crown may help preserve your tooth health.

Teeth grinding

Bruxism, commonly called teeth grinding, causes your teeth to gnash together. This pressure can lead to cracks and deep fractures.

What happens if a cracked tooth goes untreated?

An untreated cracked tooth is dangerous to your oral health and dental comfort. Cracked teeth increase your risk of infection and decay. An infection that reaches your pulp — the tissue in the center of your tooth — can cause pain and sensitivity. Without treatment, a cracked tooth can even change your bite.

What are the treatments for a cracked tooth?

After a comprehensive dental evaluation, the doctors at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC can determine the best treatment for your cracked tooth. Common treatments include:


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap is placed to protect your cracked tooth. A crown can prevent infection and stop your tooth from fracturing any further.

Root canal

If you have an infection from a cracked tooth, the doctors may perform a root canal. This tooth-saving treatment removes the dental pulp and replaces it with a biocompatible material. The doctors at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC can place a filling or a crown after your root canal to protect against additional damage.

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