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Dental surgical microscopy offers a clear view of your teeth and gums for enhanced control and precision. At Compassionate Endodontics New York/NYC, Steven D. Kaplan, DMD, uses a state-of-the-art dental surgical microscope to preserve tooth structure and oral tissue during endodontic procedures. Call the office in the Midtown West area of New York City today, or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

What is a dental surgical microscope?

A dental surgical microscope is a magnifying tool that allows Dr. Kaplan to gain a clear view of your tooth structure and endodontic tissue. This brightening microscope enhances Dr. Kaplan’s field of vision to ensure he performs your endodontic procedure accurately and precisely.

The microscope can detect small root canals that may be invisible to the naked eye, which minimizes your risk of untreated bacteria and prevents your need for retreatment.

Why might I need a dental surgical microscope?

A dental surgical microscope magnifies and illuminates the treatment area to ensure Dr. Kaplan removes all your pulpal tissue during endodontic treatment. He may use a microscope to perform:

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a procedure that removes the soft center of your tooth called the pulp. This tissue contains various nerves and blood vessels. When damaged or infected, the pulp can spread infection and cause severe pain. Removing the pulp and any leftover bacteria is essential to preserve your health.

A dental surgical microscope magnifies your canal to ensure Dr. Kaplan eliminates any trace of bacteria.

Calcified root canal therapy

A calcified root canal causes calcium deposits to accumulate in the canal. This complication can modify the shape of the canal, causing it to narrow. A dental surgical microscope ensures Dr. Kaplan can see even the smallest calcified deposits when performing a root canal.

Endodontic retreatment

If your root canal therapy fails, endodontic retreatment is necessary to address new bacteria. A dental surgical microscope gives Dr. Kaplan a greater field of vision when replacing your gutta-percha with new biocompatible material.

Apicoectomy surgery

Apicoectomy surgery is a procedure that removes root ends. Dr. Kaplan may perform the procedure if you have calcified deposits on your roots. He uses a dental surgical microscope to ensure he removes any trace of calcium deposits, reducing your need for retreatment or extraction.

What are the benefits of a dental surgical microscope?

Dental surgical microscopes offer many advantages in endodontics, including:

  • Enhanced patient care
  • Improved field of vision
  • Higher level of accuracy and precision
  • Improved hygiene during surgery
  • Lower risk of infection

Call the Midtown West office of Compassionate Endodontics New York/NYC today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about dental surgical microscopy.