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Sometimes pain from a root canal can arise for seemingly no reason. The team at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC are no strangers to treating root canal-related pain at their office located in Midtown Manhattan New York City. The team of esteemed endodontic professionals shares over 40 years of experience in swiftly locating and treating your source of pain. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Root Canal Pain Q & A

What is causing my root canal pain?

There are various reasons why you may feel pain or discomfort in an area previously treated with a root canal. 

Some of the most common pain-related symptoms are:

  • Recent dental work that has resulted in inflammation
  • Lingering pain after eating hot or cold foods
  • Grinding of the teeth
  • Consistent pressure and sensitivity of the gums
  • Darkening of the gum tissue
  • Intense discomfort while eating
  • Direct injury to the tooth itself

By scheduling a consultation, the doctors can directly assess and diagnose what is causing your root canal pain.

Where is the source of the root canal pain located?

The team of specialists will perform a comprehensive oral exam to help locate the source of your discomfort. Additionally, Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC uses advanced 3D dental imaging during your visit to help visualize your teeth and examine if any abnormalities may be present.

In conjunction with your medical history, these methodologies allow the doctors at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC to determine what treatment options are best for you.

I have lingering root canal pain, what should I do?

The safest course of action is to schedule an appointment with the team at Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC. While not all oral pain is cause for alarm, it is important to ensure there is not an injury or infection present. These would lead to a failed root canal and require retreatment. Untreated root canal pain may progress to where more invasive measures like surgery are required if ignored for too long.

How can I relieve myself of this root canal pain?

Once the doctor locates the source of the pain, he and his team will administer treatment. Your tooth will require a root canal if your pain source is determined to be an infection, allowing them to clean out the affected area and save the tooth from more potential damage.

Your situation may be urgent if you suffer from intense and long-lasting pain. Call Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC immediately to schedule an appointment to stop the pain in its tracks. You can also schedule an appointment online.