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Steven D. Kaplan, DMD

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Steven D. Kaplan, DMD always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 44 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Steven D. Kaplan, DMD below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Submitted 03/20/19
I have had Dr. Kaplan take care of two of my root canals over the past 6 years. The first one done by him six years ago was one that was a failed and difficult root canal done by three other endodontists across three continents (including one who charged me $3,500 when I had no insurance in Manhattan.) Dr. Kaplan took the time to do it right and he agreed that it had been a difficult one. It has not given me trouble ever since Dr. Kaplan took care of it. He also worked with my insurance company to make sure that I did not have to go out of pocket for the fourth time for the same tooth. The most recent one was started by him in early February 2019. My tooth had been giving me trouble and my dentist and I thought the trouble was with one of my teeth since Nov. last year. When the pain persisted, my dentist sent me to Dr. Kaplan for an evaluation. Dr. Kaplan meticulously checked and rechecked (with extreme heat and cold) and he figured that the tooth that was being treated was actually not the problem, but it was the tooth adjacent to the tooth we thought was the trouble. It was difficult to figure anything was wrong from the x-rays and other symptoms were also not clear (reaction to heat but not to cold,) but the pain had been recurring and persisting since Nov. 2018. After identifying the problem tooth over two visits, Dr. Kaplan did the root canal in mid-Feb. 2019. It is amazing to me how he is never in a hurry and takes steps to make sure that if there is a chance that one can save a tooth, he will advise you properly. I trust Dr. Kaplan with my teeth and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to see an endodontist. He is patient, flexible and one can see the rapport he shares with his staff. He is great at follow-up and personally called me after both my root canals to check on me and also gave me his mobile number in case I needed to reach him after office hours. Having seen three other endodontists, I know a good endodontist when I see one. Dr. Steven Kaplan is a gold nugget and I would not use any other endodontist other than him while he continues to practice. Thank you! Dr. Kaplan for working on my teeth.
Henry B.
Submitted 02/27/19
Read my review if you want to read that one review that helps you decide who to choose..He deserves every star from every review. (Im writing this review 8 hours after my root canal). Let me start by providing some brief context. My tooth has had a root canal (5 years ago but obviously a failed one), and 3 fillings in my lifetime, since i was 10 to my current ripe 33 years. My canals were calcified, i had had random jaw pain, swelling of my gums on the side of the affected tooth, and swelling of my preauricular lymph gland. Needless to say the tooth was also pretty infected. Before knowing all of this, i left a message on the phone number provided to book an apt online. Dr Kaplan called me himself at 9pm on a Saturday. Just that should be enough to differentiate him. I couldnt see him right away as i was traveling to San Francisco, but he listened to the history of the tooth, offered his thoughts, and said he would recommend someone in SF if needed. He kept in touch with me and when i got back offered me an appointment on a day he normally would not see patients (i wasn't aware of that until his assistant mentioned it during the procedure). My procedure started at 11am and finished at 3:30pm, Dr Kaplan is committed to getting the job done as good as possible, and as long as you are comfortable to be there. I'm incredibly grateful and blown away for that kind of care and attention. Dr Kaplan and his assistant make you feel very comfortable, I found myself laughing as if with my close friends. (SIDENOTE - who the hell gets the giggles when you're in a chair of anyone working on your teeth?!) He took his time so he could do the best job, as my canals were calcified and needed discovery. So i got scanned, and using incredible software he was able to calculate where to find my original canal passages and thus medicate/treat the infection. He called to follow up at 10pm tonight (he had asked when would be a good time to check in before i normally go to bed). Obviously, i don't know if my tooth will be salvaged yet, as it takes time for the medication to work etc, however i was so blown away by the whole experience with him that i had to write a review in the case someone was deciding, like i was, whether to go to someone without insurance or wait for insurance. Dr Kaplan is a rarity among medical professionals. When you read statements describing Doctors and their 'attention to detail' or 'level of care' in my experience 80% is BS, 19% they somewhat care, and then 1% would be Dr Kaplan. There it is, so don't over think this one. Thanks again for looking after me Dr Kaplan!
Mark P.
Submitted 01/21/19
Dr. Kaplan is very fast, answers all your questions, explains everything
Sazi T.
Submitted 12/31/18
Dr. Steven Kaplan is the best endodontist, I have ever been to. He accepted me when no other dentist wanted to do anything for an emergency situation on a Thanksgiving day, late afternoon.. He worked gently and patiently all the time until the problem is fixed even it was late - no pain, no discomfort, no blood. He has great staff, and nice environment. Because of Dr. Kaplan I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone who needs an endotonist without hesitation.
Joseph T.
Submitted 08/13/18
I have had extensive dental procedures over many years covering just about every aspect imaginable! Mostly preformed by the best in their chosen field. In line with that, I rank Dr Steven Kaplan at the top of his profession! Not only as an Endodondist but also for the integrity & compassion he has for his patients. His office staff is a compliment to that passion & dedication ! A truly unique individual given today's medical professionals! Joseph C Tirinato # Most important, I look upon him as a friend !!
Barbara F.
Submitted 07/21/18
Wow! What luck finding Dr. Kaplan! I had a dental emergency at ten at night. Happened that Dr. K. was covering for my regular doctor, who was away. Dr. K. took my call, patiently queried me about my problem, and graciously agreed to see me the next day. He then did an excellent job of repair, treating me like I was a long-time patient. He was kind, compassionate, comforting, thorough, and cheerful. Altogether, a delight of a dentist and a great gentleman.
Barbara F.
Submitted 07/21/18
Wow! What luck finding Dr. Kaplan! I had a dental emergency at ten at night. Happened that Dr. K. was covering for my regular doctor, who was away. Dr. K. took my call, patiently queried me about my problem, and graciously agreed to see me the next day. He then did an excellent job of repair, treating me like I was a long-time patient. He was kind, compassionate, comforting, thorough, and cheerful. Altogether, a delight of a dentist and a great gentleman.
Barbara K.
Submitted 07/15/18
Dr. Kaplan is simply the best - caring and compassionate. I needed to be seen on a short notice; not only did Dr. Kaplan accommodate me, but also continued to check on how I was doing even though the issue turned out not to be a root canal. Dr. Kaplan is a rare gem!
Evelyn H.
Submitted 06/20/18
i was upset and trying to find a good dentist so I was googling like most people do. Came upon Dr. Kaplan and saw all his great reviews so I called his office and left him a message. He called me back within 30 minutes. I never expected such a quick response! He heard in my voice that I was upset and spoke to me for few minutes and calmed me down. He was so kind and compassionate I couldn't believe it! He told me to go see a regular dentist which I did. He asked me to email him my sons xray and gave me his opinion. What dentist would do that without seeing me? He has been in contact with me this past week to see how my sons tooth is doing. He is such a great person and I am so thankful for his concern and help. If I ever needed him I would see him in a heartbeat. If i could give him 10 stars I would! Thank you so much Dr. Kaplan!!!! Your a genuine person!! Would recommend him to anyone!
Min L.
Submitted 05/30/18
Excellent and responsible doctors with excellent staffs. Both myself and my father had root canals done by Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Tran. The experience was as smooth as it could be. Very professional. Highly recommended.
Jennifer H.
Submitted 05/15/18
这是我第一次做根管治疗,也是让我感到幸运和感激的一次。我是在yelp 上随机找到Kaplan医生的,冲着那上面的优评决定一试。那时我对根管治疗不了解,担心被宰,又怕会疼。而结果,出乎我的意料。Kaplan医生人很好,非常有经验,也非常专业。他用一本图书向我讲解根管治疗的全过程,一边给我忠实的治疗建议,一边还幽默地帮我消除紧张。整个过程我一点都不疼,几乎在音乐中睡过去。一般的根管治疗也就半个到一个小时,但Kaplan 医生专心致志地帮我做了快两个小时的手术。术后他给我看X光片子,我的牙根非常弯曲,他为了把手术做彻底才费尽心力。我的感激之情可想而知。现在半月已经过去,那个牙齿感觉仍然很好,真的一分钱都没浪费。我真诚推荐Kaplan医生。
Michael B.
Submitted 05/10/18
I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan. He did an excellent job on my root canal. He is very thorough and explains the procedure in detail. He is also a compassionate and friendly person who called to check up on me after each visit.
Sol R.
Submitted 05/10/18
Dr. Kaplan is an extremely meticulous, detailed and skilled endodontist. He worked on two of my teeth and was able to save from being pulled due to some cracks in the teeth. I highly recommend him as an endodontist.
Gordana M.
Submitted 05/07/18
Dr.Kaplan is an outstanding endodontist and human being.He is kind, patient and the best in his field. He did two root canals at the same time and I never felt any pain during the process. He called me next day to see how was I doing. I am humbled by the whole experience with him. He will be my endodontist for life. His assistant Sita was amazing. Both made me feel comfortable and cared for. Fantastic experience! If you have root canal problems, Dr Kaplan is the expert! He is the best! Thank you for everything Dr Kaplan.
Michael Z.
Submitted 05/07/18
Dr. Kaplan is the best endodontist in NYC! I went to other endodontists/dentists in NYC and was told that my tooth could not be saved. Dr. Kaplan saved my tooth and my smile. Dr. Kaplan is professional and will put your mind at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan if you require a root canal. Simply put - he is the best doctor to see if you need a root canal! You will be in great hands.
Elizabeth S.
Submitted 05/07/18
Dr.Kaplan redid the work of the dentist I was originally referred to, to take care of two root canals that the other specialist was not been able to either locate or complete the work that needed to be done. The work that De Kaplan did resulted In my being able to actually keep three teeth, the entire upper right three quadrant and avoid losing them. He is highly skilled, has a great sense of humor and is a considerate and kind, personable man. I can’t recommend him too highly. Five stars!
Dr. Ronald S.
Submitted 03/26/18
I am very grateful to Dr. Steven Kaplan for his great technical abilities and attention to detail. As a physician I and patient I have seen the practice of medicine and dentistry from both sides of the table and I can also compare my experience with Dr. Kaplan with one other root canal performed by a different endodontist in the past. Dr. Kaplan stayed late when I had an acute problem, and despite meeting me at the end of his work day, he spent an incredible amount of time analyzing my problem which was not straight-forward. He never acted rushed, he spent more time doing more testing, and discussed his findings in a caring and thoughtful manner. I found him to be very gentle and informative throughout the procedure and we even joked and listened to some music that he had composed. I can tell that Dr. Kaplan loves what he does and he performs it excellently. Now I know why my very caring and thoughtful dentist, Dr. Saul Pressner, referred me to Dr. Kaplan. If you have to have a root canal, or need to determine if that is what is required, you can feel reassured you will not be in better hands with anyone else.
Fabiola Y.
Submitted 03/26/18
My experience with Dr. Kaplan and his staff was just the best. Very efficient at their job. Dr. Kaplan is the most patience dentist I ever met. He fully explained my options for my situation. He explained what exactly was going to happen during my procedure. I highly recommend his service.
Paul S.
Submitted 03/23/18
Having a root canal is not a pleasant experience. I have now had two. Both have been done by Dr. Kaplan. He along with his staff, made an uncomfortable experience as comfortable as possible. Frankly, if I need a third (hopefully not!), I will return yet again.
Hyla B.
Submitted 03/06/18
Dr. Kaplan was recommended to me by my dentist, and he was wonderful. No one wants to have a root canal, but he is a gentle person and the procedure was painless (after novocaine). Dr. Kaplan made me feel assured that I was in the best possible hands and he was very thorough and explained everything. He answered all of my questions. The staff was friendly and professional. If I ever have to get another root canal, I would go back to him in a heartbeat. Thank you, Dr. Kaplan!